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Satisfaction Guarantee

Keith Klingenberg, owner of Maximage Printers ( issues his personal guarantee to every customer: "If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product we custom manufacture for you, you will get your job re-printed at no additional cost, or we will refund the money you paid us."

Has Klingenberg ever had to "make good" on his personal guarantee to a customer?

Of course he has . . . because human error does seomtimes occur . . . Even among our well trained and experienced crew members.

Owner Klingenberg freely admits he is a human, and has made mistakes. Frankly, it is silly to say one has never made a mistake.

That said, takes electronic files submitted by clients. We send clients a proof on those files . . . And once the client approves the proof, guarantee of satisfaction extends ONLY to the quanlity of the printing on the final product.

If a customer sends us a file with a typo in it, we cannot be held responsible for that situation.

If a customer has our graphic designer create the electronic files to print a project . . . We will send a proof which has a clear statement of transfer of responsibility. The customer approving the proof assumes responsibility for typo's at that point . . . refer to the above admission that we have humans subject to human error on our staff.

Proofs are sent via e-mail and it is up to the customer to read and proof CAREFULLY. To our customers: Please do not simply take a quick look at the layout and balance of the piece being proofed! Please read every word carefully, looking for a typo or mistake. Have someone else in your office proofread the proof you are "too close" to it.

The biggest problem area: Business cards. No spell checker can determine if an e-mail address is correct . . . all e-mails show up as misspellings on spell checker. Phone numbers are the same in that spell checker software doesn't spell check numbers.

Remember: the human brain can fool you when proof reading and convince you that what you see on the proof is instead of Obviously one transposition of letters means no one will be able to e-mail you correctly, and you won't be happy if your e-mail is incorrect on your business cards. takes orders from all over the USA. Once a customer approves a proof, they assume full liability and agree to pay to have the product re-printed, if they approve a proof with a typo or other mistake on the piece.